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cho Spot wurde so entwickelt, dass es überall bei Ihnen zuhause hinpasst. Schauen Sie sich mit der 2. Generation unserer Fernfeld-Spracherkennung Ihre tägliche Videozusammenfassung an, zeigen Sie Songtexte, die Wettervorhersage oder To-do- und Einkaufslisten an, durchsuchen Sie Audible, hören Sie Hörbücher und vieles mehr. Allein mithilfe Ihrer Stimme - einfach fragen.

Technische Daten
  • Typ: Steuereinheit Hardware 
  • Standard: WLAN 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 
  • Funktion: Steuerung 
  • Topologie: Stern/vermascht 
  • Abmessungen: 104x97x91mm
  • Besonderheiten: All in One, Sprachsteuerung, cloudbasiert, Sprachausgabe, per App steuerbar, Webcam, Display

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5 von 5 Compact, loud and convenient!

If youd thought its just an Echo Dot with a screen, youd be very very wrong. It is much louder, and much less tinny, pleasant enough to listen to internet radio or your music library while you fall asleep, yet loud enough to wake you even if you sleep with earplugs in your ears. The screen is a pretty convenient addition - the weather display is particularly nice, but it also serves as a nice visual feedback for many of Alexas usual functions. Dont expect miracles, though - its too small to be comfortable for watching videos, even though it can, indeed, play videos. It dims nicely and changes to an all-red colour scheme in night mode - not annoying at all while trying to sleep. The camera and microphone can both be disabled with a prominent button on top. The camera can also be disabled on its own via a menu setting.

There are some cons, of course, as with any product...
- the power adapter is rather chunky, so make sure you have enough space to plug it in if your plug is, e.g. behind a bed post
- if you lose power, you lose your alarm - there is no battery backup, a pretty big oversight
- its still an Echo, so almost entirely operated via voice - it would be nice if it had some on screen controls, like a music/radio favourites list, for example
- it has a camera - if youre bothered by this, tape it over, or turn it around - i dont see why anyone would think Amazon (or anyone else, for that matter) is interested in watching you sleep, though so i personally dont see it as an issue at all

Overall, however, im very satisfied with it as an alarm clock / Alexa access point.

., 25.08.2018
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